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Hire Us When

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We recommend hiring a Care Manager when the complexities involved in meeting your aging loved one’s needs become increasingly difficult or overwhelming.  We provide expert guidance, support, and advocacy.  We are skilled at finding creative solutions to difficult problems when the path ahead is unclear.  Below is a list of some of the ways Peninsula Care Consultants can help.

Navigating Health Care

When you or your aging loved one are struggling to coordinate health care or can’t seem to get the health care you need. Hire us when:

  • You or your loved one are being treated by many providers for various medical conditions and need help scheduling appointments and making sure you receive all follow up care.
  • You or your loved one have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness that you know will require additional care.
  • You or your loved one are dealing with difficult medical issues and need help deciding how to proceed in the face of complex treatment options.
  • You or your loved one need help advocating for your wishes and concerns and need a supportive presence during medical interventions and/or discussions with providers.

Aging In Place

We help ensure you or your loved one can remain at home living safely and independently. Hire us when:

  • You or your loved one have the goal of remaining in the home throughout life, and will need help to make that a reality.
  • Your loved one wants to stay in their home, but the home needs some physical modifications to remain safe.
  • You realize you or your loved one need more help but you’re not sure how to find that help or what type of help is available.
  • Your family is struggling to pull together support for your loved one, but you can’t all seem to agree on how to proceed.
  • You are concerned that you or your loved one may not be getting proper supportive care, including medical, financial, psychiatric, or in-home care.

Quality of Life

We understand how challenging aging can be and we know ways to improve quality of life for elders. Hire us when:

  • You’re unable to travel to be with your loved one, and you want to make sure they are not all alone.
  • You are feeling stressed out, depressed, worried, or anxious about your care or your loved one’s care.
  • You are caregiving for an elder family member and are struggling to manage multiple roles and responsibilities.
  • You are concerned your loved one doesn’t have many social supports and is not getting out of the house or being involved in life and think they may be suffering from depression or loneliness.
  • You are concerned your loved one may be missing meals or otherwise failing to thrive due to fatigue, a medical condition, or other age-related changes.

Relocation and Transitions

If it’s time to move closer to family, into senior housing, or into a long term care facility.  Hire us when:

  • You or your loved one need to relocate to be closer to family or to be in an environment that includes a higher level of care.
  • You or your loved one know you will need to downsize eventually, and need help taking the first steps to make this a reality.
  • You or your loved one anticipate needing to move to a care facility at some point, and you aren’t sure what options are available or how to find the right facility for your needs and preferences.
  • Your elder has had recent accidents such as taking the wrong dose of medication, or starting cooking fires in the kitchen, and you are worried they are no longer safe at home alone.

Advance Care Planning

When arrangements and plans for the future are needed.  Hire us when:

  • You are anticipating changes to your health or the health of a loved one, and you want to make sure the hospital and your medical providers are aware of your wishes moving forward.
  • You or your loved one need help figuring out how much medical intervention you want in case of an emergency, and how to make sure your wishes will be respected.
  • You need someone to be your durable power of attorney for health care and you don’t have any family members or close friends that you want to do this for you.
  • You or an aging loved one need to start planning how your estate will be resolved and you need assistance finding appropriate professionals to support your wishes.

Crisis Prevention/Intervention

When you suspect a more serious problem or are dealing with an escalation of worrisome behaviors and you need to keep yourself or an aging loved one safe.  Hire us when:

  • You are concerned for your safety or the safety of your loved one.
  • You are concerned that your loved one may not be honest with you or themselves about the difficulties they are experiencing.
  • You notice changes in your loved one’s cognitive (brain) functioning or notice increased confusion.
  • You are concerned that your aging loved one is no longer safe to drive their car and you worry they will hurt themselves or someone else.