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About Us

Peninsula Care Consultants was founded because we understand how tough aging can be, and how challenging it is to navigate the medical system and senior services.  We know professionally and personally how hard it is for adult children to assist aging parents from a distance or while in the midst of our own careers and family commitments.  We also understand that most elders want to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible and that everyone wants to be treated with dignity and respect…including us!

As medical social workers trained at working from a person in environment framework and having worked with thousands of elders dealing with countless struggles, we know first-hand how challenging it is for elders to remain safe on their own or with limited support, to discover and access resources that may be available to them, and to navigate the complexities of coordinating their own medical and in-home care.  We support the desire of elders to remain independent for as long as possible.  We treat our elder clients the way we want to be treated and how we treat our own elder family members: with compassion and regard for their wisdom and experience.  We join you in wanting the very best for yourself or an aging loved one.

Our time in the hospital system taught us that elders fare better when all family members are on the same page and the elder knows their wishes are being respected. We know many ways to reduce stress while preserving independence, because people handle illness, aging, and loss better when they have support.  We know that every individual has their own unique wants, needs, and concerns, and we’re skilled at learning what those are during our Initial In-Home Assessment.  We welcome the opportunity to help you or your loved one find the support you want based on your unique situation and circumstances.

We founded Peninsula Care Consultants as a way to provide personalized and exemplary care management to the elders on the Kitsap Peninsula. We handle your elder’s care management needs so you can be a family again.  For elders living alone and seeking their own care managers, we navigate the system with you to ensure you receive the best care possible based on your values and desires.

Mission:  Providing comprehensive care management services to elder clients and their families to ensure our clients receive the right care at the right time to maintain the highest quality of life achievable for them based on their values, desires, and needs.

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